East Idaho Off-Piste is a blog page designed for our community of backcountry ski and snowboard enthusiasts here in Eastern Idaho to share photos, trip and conditions information, items for sale, community events, or any manner of ski/snowboard related topics.

Definition: Off piste skiing is skiing on ungroomed terrain that is not marked into trails.
Pronunciation: Peest (as in – “i’m peest off!!!” okay, not really)
Also Known As: Backcountry skiing
Examples: Off piste skiing can be dangerous, and skiers should be aware of hazards, such as avalanches. (perma-grins, multiple personalities, and uncontrollable whooping!)

Please enjoy the photos, trip and conditions reports throughout the winter season as we leave our tracks on the pages to come! If you’re interested in contributing photos, trip reports, etc. please contact me. deanlords@gmail.com