>Killing time until the snow flies


Well, it doesn’t look like there will be too much pre-Halloween snow this year. I’m of two minds about this. As stoked as I am about skiing again, it seems that the last few years, early snow fall has caused some major problems.
We seem to often get a big dump in October, followed by cold, dry conditions for about a month. This allows a nice, ugly hoar layer to build up. This layer haunts us the rest of the season in the form of big slab avalanches during the winter, and post hole epics in the spring. So I’m willing to wait a few weeks to dust off the boards, in the hopes that the snow pack will set up nicely. But if I don’t get some turns in before Thanksgiving, I’m going to get cranky.

However, instead of sitting around mourning the lack of snow, Anna and I made a trip to Castle Rocks this weekend. We’d been planning the trip for a week, and on Friday our friend Dave Hurley called to see if we wanted to go climbing Saturday. Perfect timing! So the three of us headed out early Saturday morning.

The weather was nearly perfect. October is such a nice time at the down there. Cool nights, warm days and very few people. Best part is, the early morning frost makes you not feel guilty sleeping in and getting a crack-of-noon start. I’m growing to like Castle Rocks better than the City. That may be heresy to some people, but what can I say?

Anyway, a few picts from the adventure.

Castle Rock on a nearly perfect day.

Dave Hurley on the spectacular
Kevin Pogue clipfest “Mantle

Anna the rock goddess on “Kid Rock”

Dave, looking like he wishes he’d brought more cams!

And yours truly, doing my best impression of a crack climber on “Handy”. Surely the cruelest irony of cracks has to be that the best spots for gear placements are also the best hand holds.

All-in-all, not a bad way to kill time.