>Day Two and Three

>Chad, Justin, and I got out again on Thursday. We drove up to Targhee Pass to check out some terrain on Lions Head, but the snow wasn’t quite deep enough for my liking. So, we jumped back in the car and drove an hour south to Grand Targhee. Things from the parking lot looked great but we quickly discovered that the snow was very different than that of what we had on Tuesday. The wind storm which passed through our area late Wednesday night brought warm temps and rain at 10,000 feet. It then got cold and as a result produced a layer of ice an inch and a half thick on top of the soft snow from the previous day. I’ve seen less ice on many of the ice climbs I’ve done than what we skied on Thursday! We survived and had a few really good laughs on the way down.

On Saturday, Heather and i drove back up to Targhee in the afternoon to catch the warm part of the day and hopefully find some good corn snow on the lower half of the mountain. We did find some pretty good skiable snow until late in the afternoon when the temps dipped below freezing and things got hard and icy. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon though. Even if it’s not the best snow ever, it still feels good to get out, skin up the hill and slide back down!