>Skijoring on the Bone Road

>So the last few ski seasons I’ve been trying my hand at a new sport. Skijoring combines cross country skiing with dog sledding, where the dog pulls a person on skis. It’s been a blast and a really fun way to get my husky some exercise. It’s harder than it looks, the skier needs to be able to ski fast enough to keep the dog interested. Slow down too much and next thing you know, the dog is chasing squirrels through the trees, with you attached.

This is my third season with my dog, Kodi. It’s been really fun to watch him mature into a great pulling dog. He’s starting to listen to me a bit more, and is even starting to learn his gee (right) from his haw (left).

I hadn’t planned to do much today, and was in the process of ripping out some old carpet when my friend Matt called. They were heading up to Bone to run the dogs with their friends Rosie and Linda. They rescued me from a day of home maintenance, for which I will be forever grateful. It was cold and windy, but the snow was nice and we got a good six mile run in.

Kodi anxiously awaiting the Hike! command.

Matt and Kuna.

Kodi, urging me to ski faster to catch up. Shooting pictures while being dragged on skinny skis by a hyperactive husky is a bit of a trick.

Kodi, getting a well deserved rest.


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  1. >HOLY CRAP that has to be a blast! Likely a lot more fun than the dreaded ski drag behind the snowmobile! Thanks for contributing, Eric! I hope we can make some turns together this winter.

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