>Teton Pass and Gibson Jack


Finally made it up to the “Teton Pass Ski Resort” on Sunday with my friends Mike and Matt. Can’t believe that it’s nearly Christmas and I’m just hitting the Pass. And it sucked. There were some areas where the fresh powder was less than knee deep, and talk about crowed! As we were leaving our private powder stash, two more people showed up!
OK, seriously, the pass rocks. It gets a lot of negative press, but I’ve never had any problems at all. Sure, the top parking lot gets crowded. Glory and the South Side routes get skied out fast. But for someone who’s willing to put in some time on the approach, it’s fantastic place.

Mike and Riley on the skin up the west fork of Mail Cabin Creek.

I got a new D-SLR camera last summer. Part of the reason was I wanted to shoot better action shots. The other reason is the group ski photographer usually gets first tracks so he can shoot everyone else. Unfortunately on our first run on Moose Brush, I discovered the hard way that I’d forgotten to charge the battery. One decent shot of Mike, and my battery shut down. I’ll do better next time.

Mike making those funny free heel turns on Moose Brush.

Also had a chance to do a bit of snow shoeing in Gibson Jack outside of Pocatello today. Snowing like heck there. I broke trail on the lower trail up to the bridge, but my tracks were already filled in on the way out. At least 12″ in most places, some drifts were close to 3 feet deep.