>Scoping out Dean and Heather’s new powder stash


Rick and I, along with our faithful companions Trigger and Maggie, headed up to check out the north slopes above the West Piney Girl’s Camp that Dean and Heather have been bragging about.

Being north facing and topping out at 7200 feet (below the the worst of the inversion induced higher altitude high temperatures) has kept the snow in remarkably good condition!
We skied a total of 4 faces and whooped and hollered each one!
We had absolutely no indications of any problems with the snowpack and thank Dean and Heather for their diligence in checking those conditions out a few days ago!

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  1. >Yeehaaaa boys! I’m grinnin’ ear to ear after seeing those pics! Glad you called me on it and went to check it out for yourself. Heather and I are really excited to know you guys ripped it up. Ricardo, i know you got some photos too… come on let’s see ’em.

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