>would you like to contribute?

> First off, i want to thank those of you who have contributed content to East Idaho Off Piste in the form of photos, conditions reports, and general psych. This is a new style of general forum for our local ski community and so far it has been a real treat for those of us who view this web page. Thanks!

I have great ambitions that this blog page will continue to take hold in our community and provide the opportunity for those who are interested in contributing to this open venue and further the love of back country skiing and snowboarding. If you have suggestions as to what will make this site better, please let me know.

Currently there are 14 registered authors who have access to posting on the blog. If you are interested, please contact me at deanlords@gmail.com and i would be happy to get you set up. Please understand that this isn’t just for the die hards out there. Even if you get out once or twice a month and want to share your experience with others in the community or educate folks on your snow pack evaluations in our local area, please jump on board and help grow this already worthwhile blog page. I believe a picture is worth a thousand words and trip reports are as good as gold for those of out there who spend more time than they would like to in front of the computer. Pass the web address on to your friends and co-workers and let’s spread the word!

We live in a unique place full of opportunity and great people to share those experiences with. Let’s keep up the moral and unity and continue to provide lover’s of winter, a place to find inspiration, education, and new friends.

Dean Lords