>Girls Camp again

>So after listening to all of the raving on this blog about this Girl Scout Camp Bowl, Matt Leonard, Kodi, and myself decided to head out Saturday and see if we could find it. After taking a 5 second look at a topo, and making an educated guess as to its location, we set out in heavy snow fall.

We found the remains of a skin track west of the Girls Camp, so we figured we were on the right path. It had snow quite a lot in the last day or so, but we could follow the track pretty well, and soon we were standing on top of a small bowl. Matt gave me a strange look when I mentioned how tracked up it was. Ok, maybe there were only a couple of tracks on it. A quick shovel shear test indicated that about 6 inches of heavy, wet snow had fallen on top of a fairly slick layer. That got my attention, but where the slope was only about 20 degrees, we decided to hit it.

We had our doubts about the snow quality, but the first few turns proved us wrong. And how. The snow was fairly heavy and wet, but it was a blast to ski through! It was like skiing in a swimming pool. We made two excellent runs in the bowl between points 7279 and 7333. We got as soaking wet as you can get in those two runs!

We decided to make a third run directly down from point 7279 to the camp. The top of the bowl has a steeper roll over that we decided to avoid, and traversed left to lower angle slopes. As we skied down, and it was obvious that the first buried surface was harder and slicker than in the first bowl. And sure enough, we kicked off a small point release avalanche that ran for a ways down the slope. It was a low angle, wet slide. Not fast, but it got our attention. Just goes to show that even on relatively benign slopes like these, you still have to be careful.

Here’s a few pictures of Matt. It was my first time skiing with him. He’s a really good skier! I don’t think I’ve skied a sunny day yet this year. All my pictures are dark and dreary like these.

Then on drive home, we were treated to this sight, right next to the bridge over West Pine Creek. Fortunately, the people were already gone when we stopped. Hope everyone was all right, it looked like a bad one.

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  1. >Glad that wasn’t your rig in the ditch! Scary…Sounds like you guys found the right place! The runs aren’t uber long, but they do offer some place to go close to home and when conditions elsewhere might not be good. Plus it’s just good ole adventure there too.Overall, what did you think of the place?

  2. >Dean, this place is awesome. Great slopes, easy access, and best of all, a short drive.I’ve always felt there was a lot of untapped potential for skiing in Idaho. It’s great to get out and take advantage of some of it!

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