>umm, well, uhhh – SPEECHLESS



I don’t really have words to describe this, so I’ll let Turbo wax poetically on our day of skiing. The video pretty much says it all for me, well that and… HOLY CRAP THAT WAS AMAZING!

Thanks for the great day Turbo.

The vid is another Big Hole masterpiece – Turbo swimming down the 2,600 vertical feet of relief on the south face of Stouts Mountain. Keep in mind he’s 6’2″ and by the sounds he makes in the vid, i would assume he’s some sort of cow, goat, or sheep herder……Yeeeaaaahhh!


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  1. >Did you hike up No-Cut Timber Canyon? We skied off 7333 in west pine creek that day and saw a car parked in the lodge driveway on our way home. What a great snow day, not to cold and the sun just kept coming out.

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