>When the gods smile


Most days the gods have it in for us mortals.  They require suffering and penance to remind us of our place.
 BUT, sometimes….. if we persevere….. they give us a gift…..

and today was such a day….
Dean and I headed to Stouts Mt, west of Pine Creek road.  We thought to climb and ski a sub ridge off the main south ridge of the mountain.  We ended up higher on the south ridge than we anticipated and went for the summit.
We skinned up in new snow that was 8-10 inches deep near the road that deepened to 18-24 inches up on the ridge, so we definitely earned our turns!!!
We skied from the summit on or east of the south ridge in sublime powder, through trees, over rolling terrain, moderately steep and deep all the way!!!!  I even choked on the powder a couple of times!!!!
The gods indeed, smiled upon us today!!!!



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