>"AT Hill" link up

>Dean and I headed up to check out some of Kelly Canyon’s new found backcountry gems. The newest run, dubbed “AT Hill” is west of the “Baugher Special”. This is the run that Nat and Dean skied and posted videos from on Tuesday.

We ended up doing a little more exploring though and found that if we stayed skiers right at the bottom of AT Hill, then that dropped us onto an old 2 track road. Follow that about 10 minutes northeast, back towards Kelly’s, with ~100′ vertical and your at the second powder stash.

This is a video of Dean in his element, on Middle Earth. Heather and Dean found this little gem last night! Watch closely and you can see Dean in and out of the tree’s higher up!


Whats coolest about Middle Earth is you can follow it clear down to the road, and with a quick 5 minute walk…you’re back at the car. Coverage at the bottom is a bit thinner, with some brush and stumps, nothing a little navigating can’t handle though.

There are lots of fun area’s to explore on Kelly Mountain.

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  1. >Sweet video, dude! Looks like i need some more speed next time i ski over the road cut. Maybe i’ll build a sweet kicker and try to clear the road! Good times, Justin. Thanks for dragging me up there today.

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