>West Pine Creek – Peak 7333

There’s good snow on low elevation slopes. Just need to find things that face north! Turbo, Heather, and I skied three different lines around the Girls Camp Bowl area this afternoon. We found untracked but somewhat moist snow! The wind blew and the clouds came in, keeping the temps in the upper 20’s.

We noticed two skiers on the south facing slope across from us and wondered if that was Eric L.? Looked like they were having some fun too!

Did anyone else get out today??

Parting shot: Turbo bustin’ through the goods!

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  1. >Hey Dean,Wasn’t me. The better half and I went to Harriman today. It’s in nearly perfect condition and we had a great time.I’m going to try and get out with Kodi tomorrow for a training run at Kelly’s. We have a skijor race next weekend, and he and I have been playing in the mountains too much to be in race shape.

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