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I’ve got two banners that i did up for the site make over. Let me know which you like better, 1, 2, or 3 (none of the above)
Leave you vote in the comments.


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  1. >I love the view of the Tetons but…..being that this is our east Idaho blog, my vote is for number 1 or a another photo that typifies our area and it’s uniquness. I know the Tetons can be in our view but the mass of them sets in Wyoming; let’s show our stuff instead!

  2. >As much as I like #2, gotta go with #1. Picts of the Tetons are way to common.A few years ago, I was in Italy on business. I was walking with my co-worker through a city park (might have been in Milan). We stopped to look at some paintings a local artist was selling. Most were pictures of the mountains in Northern Italy. My co-worker commented “It’s nice to look at pictures of mountains that aren’t the Tetons”. I agreed, then turned to look at the very next painting. Guess what, it was the Grand Teton.

  3. >Both Heather and Ricardo said they liked banner #1 also. Brian Wood liked #2. So far #1 is in the lead.I too agree with Turbo that an image that speaks more to eastern Idaho makes sense. #1 is a photo i took on top of Kelly Mtn last year. It speaks to me. It’s moody, suggestive, and above all it’s a clear and sharp image. Thanks for the the comments. Keep ’em comming!

  4. >Tired of looking at the Tetons? Never!I suggest that you use both and switch them out every now and again, spice of life and all that….heck, why not a new photo/banner each month? JB

  5. >Thanks Biglost! I’ve been thinking to do a different banner a few times throughout the winter and once a month would be really cool! Thanks for the suggestion.Speaking of photos. When are we gonna see some of your sweet snowboarding pics? Feel free to do an update on conditions at the ski hilll from time to time if you’d like. Most of us get up there a few times a week and ski in bounds. Just a thought.

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