>the other side

> I’ve always thought the hills on the other side (south facing) of Kelly Canyon looked short and uninteresting. This evening Heather and I decided to take advantage of the full moon and ski a few runs at the hill. We got up there early and decided to check out a few of the south facing slopes. We pretty much thought they’d be baked, crusty, and really difficult to ski, but we thought it would be good for us to ski bad snow!

I had noticed a few “longer” shots the other day while looking at a map, so we headed that direction. As we skinned up the south facing slopes, they were indeed crusty, but soon gave way to supportive firm snow with a half inch of new stuff on top. We skied two different slopes and believe it or not, had a really good experience. I will definitely go back to these runs in the future, especially right after a snow storm. I would also imagine these slopes will provide some good corn skiing later in the season.

It’s been really fun to explore all of the in’s and outs of Kelly Mountain and Kelly Canyon. I have been pleasantly surprised at how much there is to do there. It’s not massive vert or deep powder, but it is adventurous and close to home. For Heather and i, it’s about 10 minutes from our front door, and with limited time for both of us, we can get out skin up something, make a few laps on fun terrain and be home a few hours later. Kelly’s is pretty cool in my opinion, especially if you have limited time but still want to play in the snow.

This video is of Heather skiing a fun open ridge line from the Buckskin Morgan Ridge down into the Big Slot snowshoe trail. A bit icy underneath the 1/2 inch of new snow, but at least it wasn’t breakable crust!