>quality time

> Heather and i haven’t had a chance to ski together for a little while. I have been out of town for the Cody Ice Festival in Wyoming. I got a ton of ice climbing in, but was away from home for many days.

She was going to take Wednesday off and ski with Turbo, Ricardo, and I but she couldn’t get a substitute in time and feels pretty bad about missing out after seeing the videos and pics.

I busted my butt to get a bunch of administrative Mammut work done today so Heather and i could ski this afternoon and evening.

We headed to our backyard haunts of AT Hill and Middle Earth on Kelly Mountain. Not really sure what conditions were going to be, we still decided to stay out of bounds and head west. And were we ever glad we did! AT Hill (second photo is of Heather at AT) was so supreme we did two laps on it before heading over to Middle Earth. M.E. was really good on the top half but had a tricky crust about mid way, but turned good again as soon as we got back into the trees. We skied it all the way down to the road and walked back to the lower lot.

We did a few beacon drills in the parking lot and then headed for home. A great time with Heather tonight. It’s pretty amazing to see her ski so well, given the fact that it’s her first season ever, and she’s only skied lift served three times and the rest has been her learning in the off piste. Pretty sweet if you ask me!


This vid is for my co-worker Phil who says… trees grow faster than Dean skis! And all i have to say is… I’m tryin to be more like Phil! It’s still not fast by east coast standards or by any ones standards really, but hey, it’s fast for me!!