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Work has just been kicking my butt lately. 10-12 hour days, 7 days a week. Unfortunately it’s going to continue through the end of March. So my backcountry days have been limited. But I gave myself a break this weekend to run in the Ashton Dog Derby.
My friends Matt and Mindy organized a ski-joring race as part of the Ashton dog sled races. This is the first year ski-joring has been featured here. Matt and Mindy did a fantastic job organizing it. They were hoping for 5-6 people to compete, and ended up with 13! The spectators were really interested as well, and we got a really warm reception from the mushers, too.
The winner of the race ran a 3 dog team, which I’ve never seen ski-joring before. That would be really scary, you’d have to trust your dogs. Matt did really well with his 2-dog team, placing 3rd over all. His dog Kuna also placed second in the weight pulling contest with a pull of 700 lbs.
Kodi and I did just fine. It was a warm day, and he pooped out a bit at about mid-point. But he had a good strong finish in front of the crowd, which is what I was shooting for anyway. He’d be a much more competitive dog if that 180 lb lump of dead weight behind him would learn to skate ski!

Matt hanging on for his life as Kuna and Casper head for the finish line.

Kodi dragging my sorry butt over the finish line.

Gracie and Mindy finishing strong.

Budrow pausing for photos as he and Ben finish.


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  1. >Hey, that’s pretty cool. I bet Matt and Mindy were really excited. I know how much they love their dogs! Thanks for the well rounded blog posts, Eric. Hope your work load slows down before the snow melts.

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