>Lionhead – Targhee Pass

> HOLY CRAP! That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

The warm weather hasn’t been so good to the snow this last week. I skied a few days on Kelly Mountain. In bounds was pretty good, but anything ungroomed was wet, heavy, and not so fun to ski.

Heather and I skied at Targhee yesterday until the winds and storm shut down the whole mountain! We did get eight runs in and a free lift ticket out of it, so i’m not gonna complain at all. The conditions there were very wind blown and crusty!

Heather and i did the snowtel dance this morning and got excited when we noticed Targhee got 8 inches last night (along with 50mph winds!) but didn’t bat an eye when Lionhead was reporting 14 inches of new!

It was cold, windy and completely untracked! The avalanche forecast for Lionhead was HIGH, so we had all of our radars on today. We found some non wind loaded slopes to ski and ski it we did!

We started on some rather low angle east facing slopes to get our feet wet. No complaints for it being so low angle.

We skinned back up to the east ridge then jumped over the ridge onto a north facing slope that was much steeper with deeper snow.

And skied it.

and skied it some more!

We finally ended up on the West Yellowstone side of Targhee Pass and walked the road back to the car.

Welcome to Idaho!

Today was one to remember. The north slope that we skied had to have been the most enjoyable ski i’ve done this year! We literally floated our fat skis through the new snow and it felt as if we were flying.
A day to remember…

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  1. >You guys are just killing me! I need to build me a splitboard this summer, cuz just watching isn’t cutting it!!! :-(Way to get after it!

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