>Turns de Deux


Dean and Heather took me to their new found sweet stash on the ‘Gulf Side’ of the Continental Divide (see yesterday’s blog update)!!!! It was still soft powder, preserved by the COLD overnight temps (6 degrees when we left the car at 10:30).  As Heather describes it, “Today was the second-best day ever!”(I understand that yesterday was “the best day ever”).
It is a great spot, easy to get to, great to set a skin track on to do laps and with more potential runs in the surrounding trees.
The video shows Dean and Heather doing a ‘turns de deux’- a play on ‘pas de deux’, a ballet term for partners dancing together!!!!!!

Here is another video montage of the great skiing we had at the ‘Divide’.



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  1. >Thanks for sharing the day with us, Turbo! Three great laps yesterday, and down with a cold today. Thanks for breaking trail so i could get my sick but up the hill!

  2. >Hey Turbo – lets see some more vids and photos from our great day at Targhee Pass!! Maybe it will make the in coming rain turn to snow!!!

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