>Mike who??

> Like Eric Larsen, i too have been getting murdered with an out of control work load. While Eric is likely building something to explore the surface of Mars, i have only administrative work to do for the Mammut Athlete Team.

I found a few hours this afternoon to ski so i headed over to Mike Spenser Canyon along the Pine Creek Pass Hwy. I’ve been wanting to explore this area for a while now, but the warm temps and the relatively low elevation of the place kept me away and my available time shifted to the Targhee Pass area.

The above photo is of some really cool looking terrain to the south of Mike Spenser Canyon.

It was a last minute time slot so i only took the twins with me! Now some of you might notice i have girl skis. Might explain the way i ski!! Actually the truth is i have a thing for the ladies, and twins in black are way cool! Plus they are nearly a pound lighter than their man version which given my skinny sport climbing legs, they make sense!

There was about 3 inches along the Mike Spenser Road but as i climbed up the south side of the canyon the snow was light and getting deeper with about 8 inches on the upper half of the mountain.

I am very excited about this area. The north facing terrain offers 1,300 vertical feet from the top of the ridge to the Mike Spenser Canyon Road. Lots of great tree skiing with minimal brush and lot of open terrain with logs and the occasional boulder to jump off of! It reminded me of the terrain Rick, Turbo, and I skied on the west side of Stouts but with a very short approach! Likely this place will hold good snow for most of the winter until warm temps effect the snow on north/west aspects – about this time of year! The Ridge is nearly a mile long as it runs east from the Pine Creek Pass Road. That means nearly a mile of north facing realestate to explore and ski!

I had a great day with the Bertha Twins. We left some really great tracks on the mountain. On my way out i got excited about skiing the run without falling down. My grin got out of control and wouldn’t you know it, i fell over while skiing down the road!


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  1. >Hey Dean,We need to find a job where we can test gear all day. I’d like to wake up in the morning and my biggest stess would be that I have to demo 4 pairs of skis.I can’t belive I’m working so hard on a project that the president has promised to cancel.Great post. I think I’ve skied that area before. There are some really fun stashes on Pine Creek Pass.

  2. >Yeah, i’ve had a lot of fun exploring Pine Creek Pass this winter. It’s definately adventurous! I’m getting pretty good as skiing willows! But with all seriousness, Pine Creek has a whole lot of fun if you like solitude, have an imagination, and are willing to thrash through willows at some point of the descent! Besides, it’s pretty darn close to where we live!

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