>E.I. Off Piste unites for the obligatory cornice huck!

> The Three Amigo’s met up with Sarah and Mark (Chuteski) today for some more exploration in Mike Spencer Canyon. I’ll be honest, i was a bit nervous to have them join us! Only because one mans castle may be another mans outhouse! BUT – after letting them know our day would likely involve some creative thrashing and they were keen on having a day of adventure with us, we headed up my old skin track from a few days ago. There was a bit of new snow and some obvious signs of our big wind event yesterday but the sun was out and the skies were clear!

I had a great time getting to know Sarah and Chuteski on our way up. I’m excited for them to be living in east Idaho and hope to share more days in the mountains with them.

Sarah is all smiles and all psych! And i was most impressed with her adventurous attitude while experiencing Pine Creek Brush Skiing!

Mark has a rad hat! We need to find someone who can add East Idaho in text to it! That would be rad. Maybe we should think about making up some East Idaho Off Piste shirts too!
Not only does he have a cool hat, this dude can SKI!!
Both are a great addition to an already fantastic community of outdoor enthusiasts.

We had great conditions today. The snow for the most part was very light over top of a very hard and thick melt/freeze/rain crust from a few weeks ago. We dug two pits on our way up. Both indicating two distinct slab layers in the snow pack. One on a layer of buried surface hoar, and the other on the rain event from early January. The first pit had a snow depth of 100cm and the second (shown here) was 175cm. Pretty dramatic given the fact that the two pits were about 600ft difference in elevation! Our test results indicated a snow pack that we felt was moderately to mostly stable. Maybe Turbo or Ricardo want to expound on this if i’ve forgotten something important.

We skied two different bowls today Both had some creative thrashing and some guess work as to which is the best way down, but i really like that kind of skiing! We all laughed, skied some cool bumps, did the obligatory cornice huck from the top of the ridge (okay, so they are small cornices!), and definitely had a Pine Creek adventure. It was a great day with some new friends and the old East Idaho Off Piste guard!

Hopefully we’ll see more photos and vids from the rest of the gang!

Thanks for the great day you guys.


Rick and Scott on the obligatory cornice huck and Rick, Sarah, and Mark skiing on the second run of the day.