>M/S Canyon 3/11, from another perspective


better late than never…..
Here are a few images from our adventure in M/S canyon on Wednesday. A bit showing the other parts of backcountry skiing. As the previous blogs show The Three Amigos had a fantastic day skiing with a couple who are relatively new to the area. Welcome Mark and Sarah. Great to meet you two, you fit right in with our “interesting” style of skiing. I sure hope we will be able to get out with y’all again. 
Backcountry skiing is much more than just skiing great lines. The uphill slog, the pit digging, great wipeouts, near death experiences with snow snakes and scary trees and giving each other crap is just as much a part of the fun. Hangin’ out in a beautiful setting with friends (new and old) keeps the stressful part of life in perspective! 

Blue skies with a great view. My favorite spot, “The mandatory cornice huck”
Turbo getting the lower back workout to make sure it’s safe to ski.
What you lookin’ at foo!?
I know Turbo is down there somewhere, I just can’t see him. Sarah is making sure he isn’t in the trees….
Mark can make 30 turns in 15 feet and simultaneously launch out of both bindings without breaking his smile. The super skier! 

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  1. >Super Skier?? I think that’s a bit of an understatement! Mega Super Skier might be closer to the truth, but still not quite accurate!I think he did at least 6 more turns after ejecting from his bindings before realizing he didn’t have any skis on! Good times.

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