>Expanding the ‘Comfort’ Zone


find the mountain goat
this is Dean’s ‘backed off’ line to ease my concerns!
toasting our toes after the second creek crossing of the day

Dean helped me expand my comfort zone today, taking me along on a ‘ski project’ he is developing on Sheep Peak above Palisades Creek in the Snake River Range.  Dean refers to it as ‘technical skiing’ because it involves crossing creeks in flip-flops at 15 degrees,  steep slopes, sometimes in narrow gullies, negotiating cliff bands and variable snow conditions, while avoiding rocks, stumps, frozen rollers, drop-offs and mountain goats!
And that, after he backed off from his initial plan because I was feeling a ‘little’ overwhelmed. Someday I hope to be able to take on the really challenging lines!!!!
Dean ‘kiting’ off windy Peak                                Trying to ski a natural halfpipe!



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  1. >Click on the second image and look just right of Scott’s helmet, you can see our tracks! Sick line, dude! Someday i hope to ski well enough to ski the line that got away. Maybe when that time comes, we can ski it together. Thanks for playin’ it safe with me yesterday; digging multipal pits, skiing in control and not hesitating to voice your concerns. And thanks for not laughing too hard when i cartwheeled down that one chute! I wish my turns were executed as well as my backward cartwheel. Thanks heavens for soft snow at the bottom of it!

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