>one step closer


Turbo and the exit to our run before thrashing through some brush to cross Palisades Creek.

http://www.youtube.com/get_playerHere’s a quick vid that i took.

Scott and i got one step closer to skiing the big couloir on the northwest face of Sheep Peak. We opted for the safety of the trees to the west of the couloir yesterday. Although we did not ski the entire line we did ski the bottom half of it once we emerged from the trees. We had a great day skiing a steep and intimidating(for us anyway) 3,000 ft line.

You cas see our track in the left third of the image. The upper couloir is visable with a large cliff near the top.


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  1. >Me too! I can cartwheel down chutes but i can’t make consistant, tight jump turns without eventually crashing into the sidewall. Which is followed up by a nice backflip exit into cartwheel mode. Am i doing it right???Signed:Desperately in need of a ChuteSki lesson

  2. >Hey boys! Nice work! Great navigation and videos. Sure missed being along for the ride. Hopefully the cartwheel video will be released soon. I loved the shot of Dean above the rock band. Kinda puts things into perspective.the 3rd Amigo………

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