>More Playing on the Gulf-Side of the Divide


Rick and I headed back to Targhee Pass and the ‘Divide’  on Wednesday to expand upon our knowledge of the area.  We dug a couple of snow test pits to analyze the ‘pack’ and skied a couple of, new for us, aspects.  Both were northeast to east facing tree runs that still held decent snow despite the regional warm temperatures.  We did find the deep faceted layer near the ground that the Gallatin Avy site warns about but our compression tests showed a stable column that we felt completely at ease skiing.
We had fun slaloming through the trees and finding small jumps to bounce off and the views from up on the divide were great.

Rick way in over his head!
On the divide looking south towards Two-Top
Getting ready to huck the cornice and ski the trees


Jumping the bump and dodging trees!

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