>Lifestyle. Everyone has one. From couch potatoes to extremists. We all fall somewhere in between, though I hope I fall closer to the later than the former. I get to feeling a bit sorry for those who may be a bit more domestic than where I find myself. I mean, what do they do? ……What do they do? Good question. I find myself telling a co-worker about my weekend exploits, and I see their eyes start to glaze over. Wow, that bad huh? Not interested are you? Well, that is probably ok, though I have a hard time understanding why. I suppose the hills would be overrun if it weren’t so.

But, it is what keeps me going. Weekends and any other free time goes to outdoor activities, the more frequently the better. Bring it on.

Have a look at the last couple of years of me and the boys. Mostly the boys. OK, it is all shots of the boys. My Buds! Don’t know what I would do without them.

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  1. >Great set of photos. Those are some powerful memories you have made with your boys! Nice work all the way around.

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