>Fourth of July Peak

>So my huge project at work is over. I haven’t had a day off since early Feburary. Most days were 10 to 16 hours, 7 days a week. It’s been rough, but we acomplished our goal. And I’m sure my company will reward all my hard work with a photocopied certificate of appreciation in a handsome plastic frame. The best part though was making my co-worker jealous when Anna would bring me home cooked meals every night while they were scarfing down the remaining donuts.

Anyway, I decided to blow off work this week and get back to the important things, like sking. I woke up this morning with visions of a ski tour up Moose Creek in the Tetons. But a late start and really bad roads slowed me down, so I decided to take a detour up towards Forth-of-July Peak on Pine Creek Pass.

When I arrived, there was only one set of ski tracks heading out on the road, and no snow machines had broken trail. I eventually passed the lone skier, so I was stuck breaking trail until the first of the “smokers” roared by. No complains from me, this was my first backcountry trip in over a month, and I could tell I’d been spending too many hours sitting in front of a computer.

Being solo, and with lots of fresh snow, I played it safe and avoided any suspect slopes. But even with the major winds we’d had, I didn’t see any signs of instability. The powder was sweet, but with the temperatures it won’t last long.