>Still Winter on Stouts Mt

>I needed a little fresh air and exercise today but I didn’t have all day so I headed to Stouts Mt for a lap.  Out of the car at 10:45 it was 27 degrees and I was able to start skinning from the road’s edge, which had been bare last week.  And it was pristine; untouched snow except for one fellow skinner who had the same idea.  I worked myself up the east ridge, breaking trail in 8-10 new inches, until I got to about the 7700 ft mark.  The ski down was soft, creamy and in decidedly winter-like snow!  Never did see the other skier; was that you Eric?

Winter skiing isn’t over yet!
With this new month started, I have now skied 18 consecutive months, all locally!

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  1. >Hey Scott, wasn’t me, but I wish it was. I’ll bet the snow is awesome now. Congrats on the 18th month, that really quite an acomplishment. Hopefully you can keep the streak going!

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