43.59.993N 113.31.456W

The Powder Keg: an early and late season stronghold for Idaho back country skiers longing to alleviate their Cabin fever. The PK. Is a 10,000’ alpine basin surrounded by ten and eleven thousand foot peaks in the Pass Creek Drainage of the Lost River Range.

I say early and late season for two reasons, #1, Pass Creek road closes during the winter adding several miles to the hike unless you have access to a snowmobile and #2, the scree covering almost all of the slopes is so fine, one can ski on a very thin skin of snow without the worry of scuffing your planks.

Pulk and Pinwheel.

The approach is about five miles and the terrain can be somewhat dangerous in the wrong conditions, Steep dark canyons and towering cliffs add a great deal of drama and aloneness to a hike that is one part journey, one part destination, and two parts determination. The work is worth every step though and upon arrival any Slat rat will understand why they came. The basin is unlike any other topography in the entire range and skiing can be had on any compass point ranging from easy 20 degree slopes to stuff that just might turn you inside out.

Camp #1 on the south east side of the basin

Camp two on the edge of the basin.Murphy Enjoys the sunrise. Bear Creek is just out of view below the cliffs on the right.

Unlimited and untapped

The lostriver range streatches north from the summit of Hidden Peak, 11,308′

The night sky shot at 3:00 am from camp #2


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  1. >Thanks Eric.Wow, my computer ineptitude knows no bounds! This all looked lined up and tidy when I looked at the preview. What the h%!! happened? Wes

  2. >Pass Creek road opened a couple weeks ago, there are a few muddy, rutted up spots but I think you could get a two wheel drive all the way to the summit. There is still a large drift blocking the Little lost side tho so don’t plan on making the loop.

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