>May turns at Grand Targhee

>Just a quick update on conditions. I made a few laps at “Grand Foggee” today. The weather actually wasn’t too bad, but it was very foggy on top. Lots of new snow, but the top was wind hammered and crusty. I never found any fresh powder. The snow lower down was actually better, and I made a few corn laps from about 9000′ down to the base.

On the last lap, I noticed my dog’s paw was cut. He’s fine, but I figured we’d best call it an early day. That’s something to watch out for when skiing crusty conditions with the pooch.

Sorry, no pictures. But the photos would have looked like a snowman in a snowstorm anyway.


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  1. >Today wasn’t exactly blue skies and beer. Glad to hear someone is still cranking it out in the crap!

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