>This is Spring??


I twisted Rick’s arm to ‘convince’ him to check out a ski line in the Lost River Range near Borah that Dean had suggested. It is a north line on a sub peak, labeled as 11,308′ on the topo and it sits SW of Borah. 
We parked at the Borah trailhead and it is a bushwack but we found a decent approach line on the way back out that is relatively uneventful, even packing skis.
We started out under grey but quiet skis until about 11 AM when the weather took a decidedly winter turn!  The skies lowered, the winds picked up and blew locally right out of the north and we forgot about it being May!
As we skinned up the slope we were certain we had found a great firm snow ski but heading down, an interesting, breakable crust made it quite challenging!!    We started the decent from about 9600′  because the winds up higher looked brutal and after finding that crust we were doubly glad we didn’t start any higher.  Lower on the slope it did firm and we finished the bottom half with a bit more grace.
What I love about the LRR is the feeling of remoteness and how quickly you are in the ‘alpine zone’.  Today’s weather certainly enhanced that feeling!
The spring ski cycle in the LRR has begun!!!!