>Karma on Glory


Since I started backcountry skiing on Teton Pass a few years ago, I’ve tried to make it a habit to pickup skiers hitching back up to the top. I figure it never hurts to earn a few karma points. Saturday, I managed to cache in a few of those points.

The spring skiing in the Tetons is in full swing. I headed out Saturday morning to hit the magic corn hour on Mt. Glory. After booting up “nature’s stairmaster“, I reached the top around 10 am and started scoping a line. I usually don’t like to ski Glory Bowl, because it requires a either a hitch-hike or a 30 minute walk up the highway to get back to the top. It’s often hard to get cars to stop at the base of the bowl because there isn’t really any good place to stop.

But after scoping the bowl in that perfect weather, I couldn’t resist. It was perfect, the best spring corn I’ve skied in years.

But after arriving, too quickly, at the bottom of the bowl, I pulled off the skis, and got in line with the other dirt bags. There were quite a number of people waiting, and it looked like I was going to be there awhile.

But then one person in the group in front of me snagged a ride, and announced to the rest of us that he’d get his car, drive back, and give us all rides to the top. Excellent! People like to to trash talk the Pass and Pass skiers, but the reality is that most people up there are really cool.

Glory Bowl in the springtime.

I only made one lap on Glory, because I wanted to get home early and meet a bunch of friends at the City of Rocks on Saturday night. We had a great day climbing there today. Skiing on Saturday, and climbing on Sunday. Aint‘ Idaho great?

Matt Leonard rappelling off Flaming Rock in the Inner City.


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  1. >Good stuff! I’ve always gotten a ride on the hike back to the pass. I don’t think it’s my good looks, must me karma!

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