>Albright in style

>Last saturday my Dad and I skied Mt. Albright in Teton Park. We got a late start but the cloud cover held the sun and heat at bay until we could summit.  

Looking into Death canyon from the summit. 

Nothing like having a snack at the top of a mountain while checking out your epic line.
The angle near the top was high 30s to 40 degrees.
East face of Albright

Conditions started getting a little crusty at the upper end of the mountain despite a 12:00 summit, as we got lower it turned into perfect corn.
bailing off the top

Overall a great trip, even after the two mile hike back to the car spirits were high.


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  1. >NICE! Is that Mt. Albright in the distance behind the skis in photo #1 and if so, is that the line you snagged? great photos! what’s the elevation?

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