>Traffic Jam on Lost River

>I’m a few days late posting this, but a bunch of us hit Super Gully on Lost River Peak on Saturday. And I do mean a bunch. A total of 10 skiers and 3 climbers hit the peak that day. I don’t know what the record is, but that must be close.

Our group consisted of Al Jantz, Kevin Coble, Bob Marcinko, and myself. At the trailhead, we ran into Garon Miskin who was fresh off a recent ascent of White Line Couloir on 11,308. The five of us headed out about 5:30 am. Entering the Gully we found excellent cramponing conditions, which unfortunately gave way to a bit of a post hole epic. Garon led the way for a good bit of it, but he needs to eat a few more cheeseburgers, ‘cuz he wasn’t breaking through. The rest of us were. Many thanks for Garon and Bob for kicking steps for the rest of us.

Garon looking awfully perky for 6 am.

Still lots of snow in the gully.

Al on his birthday!

Near the top, we saw 8! more people headed up the gully behind us. Turned out to be a really nice bunch of folks from Pokey, and we had a nice chat on the summit before strapping on the boards for the decent. Our first turns were at about 11:40 am. Just about the right time.

Kevin and Bob returning from the true summit.

That first turn off a summit is always a bit hairy. Having a large audience like that really puts the pressure on as well. Kind of like the drive off the number one tee at Pinecrest Golf Course, only with higher consequences.
Other than an unfortunate face plant near the top, the skiing was great. Firm near the top, but it gave way to some really nice corn down low. The narrow section of the gully had a large pile of avalanche debris to maneuver through, but other than that it was a great ride down.

Is that joy or fear on Bob’s face?


3 responses to “>Traffic Jam on Lost River

  1. >NICE!!!! You guys have all the luck. Looks like i missed out while in W. Virginia over the weekend.I WANNA GO SKIING TOO….

  2. >Unbelievable, sounds like the Borah express in August. Looks like he warm weather was kind to everyone and it’s nice to see so many take advantage of it.

  3. >Nice going guys… I skied the Super Gully yesterday, May 21st, and could see your boot pack towards the top. Waiting for a good sold freeze at night, I had firm conditions (crampons) the whole way. Topping out at 9 am, I knew I was a little early for the Super Gully, so instead I skied off the backside into Dry Creek. The southeast aspect was perfect for morning corn, but I was unsure if the line went or not. Lots of horizontal cliff bands blocked the entire view, but I figured I could always boot back up if I got cliffed out. A little hunting and pecking found me through all the cliffs and rocks in a descent that was very much like the game Chutes and Ladders… I was just hoping not to have to use the Ladder! I then booting up a steep north facing couloir to gain the south ridge off of LRM, and then back to the top. Time was right for the Super Gully, and I enjoyed 3000′ vertical of non technical corn skiing after the excitement of the morning! Thank you Lost Rivers!

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