>Atlas Peak, June 14th


June 14th, Fifteen straight day of rain and snow has extended our spring ski season, but moving about up high in wet weather aint exactly rapture!
“This is Bull S**T” Eric bewailed one night over beers and the umpteenth viewing of Ski Bums, we’ve got to man up dammit! Eric is a true skiers skier, and his Low Level Off-Piste Light was fading from red to black. Later, after more beer and big-talk, we decided to Seek and Destroy!We drove into copper basin and set up camp at the Starhope campground during a brief break in the rain. The following day looked promising and we set our sights on Atlas Peak. (11,000 something feet) We scoped out a nice line on the North West face that looked bony but safe and started climbing. The higher we got, the smaller the line got, DAMN! To top it off, the humidity was off the charts and by the time we reached the top we were both bleating like a pair of lost kids at the county fair, so much for ‘man-up.

Long story short,,, we made big arduous sailboat turns in heavy rubbish, Ahhh, Bliss, Idaho is Supreme!


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  1. >I have been hearing of all the rain the last few weeks. Sounds crazy! Good for you guys in getting out there regardless. Bummer the conditions weren't great, but at least you were in the mountains sliding on snow with slick sticks on your feet!Thanks for the post…

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