>July Skiing


Ok, so it wasn’t too steep, or deep, or aesthetic, or particularly pleasing turns but hey, it was my 21 consecutive month of skiing locally and that is totally cool.

I headed up to the north side of Mt Baird in the Snake River Range and found 6-700 vert of ‘saucered’ summer snow to  carve on.  I stayed off my butt and on my skis and considering that it looked like a summertime lake of wind chop, I was pleased.
As an added bonus, I was nearly run over by 3 mountain goats, heading for greener pastures.  I saw them moving towards me on my contour so I waited quietly and sure enough, they popped over a ridge about 50 feet away, heading straight for me.  I made a subtle move after snapping a couple of pictures and they scampered off.  It was quite a moment!
Now to see if enough snow will last to get through this summer and keep my project going!!! 

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  1. >6-700 feet aint bad in July. besides, after June 15th, every turn counts double in Idaho, a lot of people don't know that. Nice goat pic!

  2. >Ya ,it was pretty cool to anticipate that the goats would basically walk right to me and than have it happen! I love Idaho!!

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