>Borah North Face. July 24th

>Got some surprisingly good turns on the North Face of Mt. Borah July 24th. As you can see, the upper chute was too thin and icy for turns but as soon as it opened up onto the face I stowed my rope and skied fun corn for about 2,400’ The face was covered with a web of runnels, some of them 4 feet deep and all the sluff I pulled loose eventually grew into large masses of heavy sludge as it slid down into the choke points, fun to watch but a little unnerving at the same time. The hike out Rock Creek with skis on my pack was pretty easy. The canyon is pretty wide so the trees are pretty well spaced and I had very little bushwhacking.

Gearing up at the top of the chute just below the summit, White Cap Peak in the distance.

Got a belay on the first 60 meters and then rapped off of a picket for
30 more. The chute narrowed down to 3′ in a few places and held several
large patches of green ice.

The Verdicts have taken an unfair amount of abuse over the last two years
but the crew down at Scott’s Ski and Sports in Poky continue to bring them
back from the dead. I was able to ski all the way to this patch of snow just above the tree line.


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  1. >Thanks for posting this Wes. I was hoping you would. Nice work for sure! Those boys at Scott's do have some serious ski restoration talent!

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