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Tough Guy, Mr. Nostalgic, and the Class Clown

Over the course of the winter, i often joked around by calling us the Three Amigo’s. If you haven’t seen the movie, i highly recommend watching it. It’s not going to make you any smarter, or make you want to save the world, but it may strike a cord within you about the power of friendship, and it will definitely be good for a laugh or two!

I stole this photo from Rick’s blog and tricked it out a bit with a photo program to make it appear aged. This is my photo of the month: my ode to partnership!




I think Windy Peak and Sheep Mountain in the Snake River Range will become one of those frequented destinations this coming winter. The two north side lines we’ve skied have both been adventurous with challenging terrain and fun mountain features. Here are a couple of lost videos from the Durrant, Avenius, Lords exploratory run. The first video shows the wide and only low angle section of the gully about a third of the way down. The second video shows the final tight gully before reaching Palisades Creek. This lower portion of the run looks a bit junkie with all of the willows but the skiing was actually very good and willow free in the gut of gully, but it made for tricky skiing with tight turns and a double fall-line. My legs were on fire by the time we reached the bottom.

Winter is only a few short months away. Cross your fingers for another banner snow year!