>In the spirt of Dean’s last post, I give you this. It’s really a shame this event died out.


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  1. >Holy Crap! I remember seeing someone doing this at Kelly's when i was a kid. Eric, was that you??That's all i wanted to do for the rest of the season, but after ramming a ski pole into my private parts one to many times, i just went back to my old routine of bombing Face! (for those of you who don't know what bombing Face means,you'll just have to come and see for yourself!)Sweet vid my friend…

  2. >I only wish I could do that kind of stuff. In addition to the phenomenal balance, it must take amazing upper body strength.Also, those ski poles must be super strong.

  3. >I would say that it's more a question of technique then upper body strength. Of course, i was in great shape at that time, and also much youger, 27 years old.The poles were made by LEKI and specialy designer for acroski (1 in. diameter at the center portion.I,ve stop acroskiing in 1995. Try back for 2-3 run last winter in 2009. That vid is also on Youtube. Look for Acroski 2009.RayMontreal QC.The guy on the vid.

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