>just in case

>Today’s Images from the Grand Targhee snow report page. The forecast is for more this weekend!


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  1. >So Dean….do you know if a guy can just run up to Targhee and just start booting? Do they allow that?Thinking about running up there Sunday….JB

  2. >Yep, no problem. Sometimes the gate into the parking lot is closed, so just park on the road side and walk around the gate. You can even take your dog.I've been up there before when there were about 100 people skiing.

  3. >They prefer that you not park on the main road but on the side road (the old road bed) just before you get to the gate if the gate is closed. That way we aren't in the way for plowing the main road if needed. I've skied there pre and post season many times.

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