>October Turns in the Lemhis


I found new, skiable snow in a bowl in upper Long Canyon (south of Gilmore). First “real” turns of the new season for me! I also believe these to be the “inaugural” turns in this area.

Check out the snow depth at about 9200′

My high point in the bowl

Bruin heading for winter digs?

6 responses to “>October Turns in the Lemhis

  1. >Very Nice! Got any more photos we can look at?That is just under Gilmore peak if I am not mistaken, Sheep Mountain not far to the South….Cool Country!

  2. >Your right on Biglost, it is under Gilmore Summit and Sheep Mt is the next peak in line SE of the one you see in the photo I'm standing in. There is a three bowl complex at the "head" of Long Canyon, rife with ski options! I hope to be there alot this winter.Along with the bear tracks, there were fresh moose, elk and deer tracks, particularly at the mouth of the main canyon.

  3. >Love that range of mountains….Stood on the top of many, Saddle, Tyler, Sheep, Gilmore, Portland, Sisters, Diamond, Bell, Big Creek Peak…..whew….None in the winter though. I am entertaining thoughts of taking the board up there this weekend……Possibly hike partway up Diamond. Had a close look at it yesterday, and if I can get my 4wd out of the shop today I might give it a try…..cuz you know, I ain't into "skootching"!JB

  4. >Yeah, let us know if you make it up there. Very curious of what you'll encounter! Diamond is definately your speed… way too steep for Skootching!

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