>Avalanche film

>Great movie last night Dean, exciting and sobering at the same time! Thanks for the hard work. Turbo’s intro was very well stated and should be thought of every time we leave the car with our skis. Nice to put a face with some of our fellow skier/boarders…


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  1. >Good film and accompanying presentation. Maybe the film footage is deceiving, but it looked like the big mountain avalanches were being skier/rider triggered on slopes a lot steeper than 45 degrees. The film and books claim these slopes are self clearing. Grain of salt required.Kenny

  2. >Thanks to all of those who attended last night! I believe it was effective in getting people to think about their safety this coming winter. I heard several comments like:"We need to practice a lot more.""I had no idea…"" That was sobering and educational."Thanks for your willingness to drive to Ririe and mingle with all of us. I saw a few faces i did not recognize. I appologize for not learning your names. Hopefully our paths will cross again this winter!

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