>I am excited to ski this year!! Dean and I have spent many sleepless nights talking about winter trips and possible lines. We now spend our weekends driving dirt roads to find other adventurous places to ski in the Big Holes, the Snake River Range, and in the Caribou Mountains. In doing all of this talking and dreaming, Dean and I have made a few goals for this season. My end goal is to ski the Turkey Chute in Grand Teton National Park. The reason I want to ski this line is because it looks a lot less intimidating than Dean’s goal, the West Hourglass Coulior! I am hoping that my Wednesday ski classes with “The Three Amigos” will help get me in shape and teach me the things I need to know to find success this season.

The Turkey Chute
The West Hourglass Couloir on Nez Perce

learning the tricks of the trade

What are your goals for this season?

– Heather Lords

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  1. >I'm glad she thinks the West Hourglass looks more scary than the Turkey Chute. This way she'll be surprised at how well she skis when we/if we make it up to Nez Perce sometime this season!And i'm sure she'll drag Turbo and Ricardo along for the ride…

  2. >I'm going to poach Turkey and West Hourglass Couloir Ha! kidding. Both are BIG lines, and with any luck you'll have em under your skis early this season.

  3. >East Face of Buck Mtn. this spring. The only problem in the past is that the climbing season starts just when the big ski lines are in good shape.I'd love to make the hourglass trip if you guys have room.

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