>Peaked – what we did

> So, as stated below, Rick, Scott and I skinned up Peaked Peak on Wednesday. I was skeptical of the snow conditions when we arrived in the parking lot as there seemed to be a lot of brush sticking out.

We decided to head up toward Peaked Peak and ski the west face where the snow looked to be covering the brush and grass.

A short ways above the Sacajewea lift we stopped and spent a couple of hours doing various avalanche beacon drills. Things like multiple burials in close proximity and multiples spread out in a designated avalanche path.

We each took turns being the “rescuer in charge” for various scenarios. Going through all of the motions of locating the victim with a beacon, probing, and finally digging out the buried pack with the transceiver inside of it.

It was so helpful to get some practice time in with the guys i ski with. I know this won’t be the only time we’ll do this and like Rick and Scott, i look forward to playing these games all winter.

After we finished our practice drills, we skinned to the top of Peaked and skied a nice mellow run down the obvious line between the trees in the picture to the left. From the top of Sacajewea, we skied the cat track back to the base of Targhee to save our skis from the thin coverage. With some care, it was was easy to ski without damaging the bottom of my skis!

Thanks for the great day fella’s even though i was the slow third wheel all day.