>The fun never ends….

>Fun? Yes please. Yesterday I took a day off work. The boys had the day off from school and we heard fun calling our names…..faintly at first and then louder and louder. We gave in and decided to go and find this fun.

We found it.
Tate @ Targhee


Tate @ Targhee

Trent @ Targhee

360’s a piece of cake for Trenton… we hate him……
Trenton @ Targhee


Grand Targhee is indeed….. GRAND!



5 responses to “>The fun never ends….

  1. >There could be a little more snow for sure, but man….I forget how much fun it can be when on the hill with like minded folks. The exhilaration that comes from a great run….well it's hard to come by that feeling any other way. Here's to a great upcoming season! The best yet!JB

  2. >Yeah, took me a while to put that one together, the Bighorn was from a shot I took on the top of Whiskey Peak in Wyoming a couple of years ago….cool place by the way. The goggles from a shot of Turner @ KC and Mount Moran from a cold February morning -32f…..brrrrrrrr!Dean….Tate and I were sitting on the side of a skin track up at Targhee on Friday shooting the breeze. Two guys on splitboards skinned up to us and chatted for a mintute. The one guy looks at me, and then looks at Tate and said "Do you guys post on Dean Lords' web site?" "Ah…yes….""Cool!, we saw your photos, I recognize the coat. Seeing all the photos on the site is why we came up!"How cool is that?JB

  3. >You're famous, JB! It is hard to mistake those jackets :-)I'm excited those guys didn't beat you up cause you know me! Ya never can be too sure…Seriously though, it is cool to see the positive benefits of what we share and watch the end result of others sharing in what we find enjoyable. Dean

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