>On The Road Again


Red Ridge – Caribou Range

Dean and I spent another Saturday scouting the local terrain for more possible lines. This week we were greeted on the trail with mud, ice and snow. Despite what was on the ground, the hike was enjoyable and the temperature was great. (Dean would have liked it colder and snowing I’m sure.) We hiked into Big Elk Creek, to look at the north side of Needle Peak, and we found lots and lots of open slopes filled with thick, tall scrub brush; not very promising.

Sheep Creek Peak or Red Ridge next weekend, we’ll keep you posted.



3 responses to “>On The Road Again

  1. >The one thing I have noticed about most of the drainages in the Snake River Range…is that they are avalanche factories. Slide paths, too many to count, line both sides of Elk Creek for miles. Palisades Creek a close second. Little Elk might have something to offer though. Something to think about!

  2. >For sure, JB. The Snake River range has many of the ingredients needed to make big avalanches; steep terrain, wind, and the right elevation to be effected by large temprature swings. The limitted amount of time i've skied in the Snake River Range reinforced the need to make smart decisions. Let it snow….

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