>North Slopes of Sheep Mt in the Lemhis


Looking NW towards Gilmore Pk from northside of Sheep Mt

With a day off, clear skies and no one available to partner up with, I headed back to Long Canyon in the Lemhis with my trusted dog, Trigger to explore the wooded slopes on the north side of Sheep Mt. On the southern aspects in the Lemhis, the snow level is about 10,500′ but on the northern sides it drops down around 8,ooo’. From about 8,600′ upwards the snow is 20+” deep and is quite powdery; fine for making early season turns in the open trees.
I was also blessed with sightings of moose, mule deer and an ermine!

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  1. >One would not think the best powder skiing in the entire USA, no, THE UNIVERSE, would be in the Lemhi Range of Idaho. why do you think i spent half of my down time while in Croatia pouring over maps, weather patterns, and snotel data for the central Lemhi Range??WooHoo is right!!!

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