>Expanding the Possibilities


Heather crossing the “Meadow”

Scott climbing to the gully

Dean making turns

Heather, Dean and I headed out to Long Canyon to continue exploring it’s ski possiblities. We are all becoming more excited with every visit!

Today we worked up into the “Middle” and “South” bowls, checking out the approaches and ski lines. We ended with a ski down the “apron” below a narrow little gully off the summit of Sheep Mt. Yes it all needs more snow but we still had a blast. We also covered a lot of ground, leaving us pleasantly worn-out after nearly 11.5 miles of hiking and skinning!

3 responses to “>Expanding the Possibilities

  1. >You are the cutest "young" couple because PJ and I claim the title for the "older" set!I hope Heather's legs aren't too sore. That was a lot of ground we covered!

  2. >I'll give you that, but do you and PJ have matching Mammut outfits?LOL! It's a good thing my pack is yellow and H's is red because you may not be able to tell us apart. Ohh, well, i guess she does ski a lot better than i do, so nevermind about getting us confused…

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