>just another day in the Lemhi’s


This is how our day began. Walking west from Gilmore Summit. Sheep Mountain is the snowy peak in the distance.
Turbo checking out some of the terrain in the Middle Bowl. Lot’s of steep chutes and couloirs to ski when the snow conditions are safe!!

Your grin would be this big too!
Heather psyched for her first turns of the season on the north face of Sheep Mtn.

This is how our day ended. Looking down the Birch Creek Valley with Highway 28 in the far distance where the car is parked!

It was a great day with lots of exploration. I’d suggest that we covered nearly 12 miles of Lemhi terrain starting with sagebrush, followed by heavily forested canyons sprinkled with meadows and ending with some craggy alpine terrain above treeline. Was the skiing great? Well, it was definitely good! As good as touring around with our skis on watching the wind blow plums of snow from the ridge tops. As good as watching that snow light up like floating crystals as they passed in front of the sun. As good as laughing at one another for humorous face plants in the snow! As good as walking out of Long Canyon to the crest of the Moraine and seeing the Birch Creek Valley flow southward toward the Snake River Valley.
A great day with great people…

– Dean Lords

4 responses to “>just another day in the Lemhi’s

  1. >Dean- in the first photo your hiking on the road… ??? I mean, after all, it is Idaho and if there is a road I tend to drive it! What prevented you guys from driving in further? On another note, any ice lately?

  2. >Marc -It's because we care about the enviornment! Why tear up the dirt with our vehicle when we can wait for more snow coverage so we can ride our sleds over the snow and preserve some mother earth?!?!No, in all seriousness, we could have easily driven several miles closer, but we wanted the exurcise. Also, i wanted to know how much effort/time it takes to get up there as we hope to spend a lot of time there this winter and won't be able to drive up any of the dirt roads from the highway. It was a long day but effort was well worth the experience. As for ice… YES there is some in the hills!!

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