>Living in Paradise

>Living in Paradise, yes…..I think so. For all the negative things I can think of that come with living here (and there are a few), they pale in comparison to the plus side of great things to be enjoyed in this area.

Not everyone enjoys the great outdoors. Hard to believe, I know. Why that is so, is hard to say. Too cold, too hot, too many bugs…..blah, blah, blah…… you get the picture. Anything worth having is almost always hard to get, it takes perseverance, and to a degree a perverse attitude. This stuff ain’t easy. Not many find this kind of fun to actually be, well….fun.

My boss asked me what I did this weekend. I told him that me and one of my boys drove up to Targhee for some snowboarding. “Oh, I didn’t know they were open.” He says. “They aren’t.” I inform him. He looks at me and I could see the question forming in his mind. I answered him before he asked. “We hiked up.”

I saw the puzzlement in his face. “Why would you do that?” he blurts out. I found no answer that would satisfy him. I mean, how could he understand? If you have to ask, you won’t understand, no matter the answer.

Hard? Yes. Sweaty? A bit. Tired? Oh yeah. Satisfaction level? Extremely high.

Have a look.




JB and Charlie




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  1. >JB -Thanks for putting Ririe on the map! H and I saw your pic of Targhee on the local news yesterday!! Psyched to be living near a photo celebrity.As always, your text and photos continue to inspire many. Thanks for your contributions to this blog page. Chuteski -Where the hell have you been?? LOL. I was starting to think you had moved out of the area. I hope you guys will join us for many adventerous ski days this winter. I sure enjoyed our thrash down Mike Spencer last winter!

  2. >Biglost- If you like hiking and love snowboarding, you should really look into a split board. It's the best way to access the backcountry on a board! You probably are aware, but you can buy a kit and cut an old board in half and make your own! It may seem a little daunting, but really its not that big a deal, as long as the board is made of wood. Thrift stores are a great place to find a cheap used board. And the best part of split boarding, no more post holing!Great photos!Cheers, Marc

  3. >Thanks all!!Chuteski- I have tried to stay away from that aspect. I don't want it to turn into work. Not that I haven't sold a few, but I don't actively pursue that angle. Dean-Been sending the odd photo now and again to KIFI, just to share some of the sights I get to see in the awesome place we call home. They do no justice to the real thing though.Marc-Yes, the ol' splitboard. Tate and I were talking about them again on Sunday while up to Targhee. We will eventually get around to them. Meantime we will have to stick to Targhee and Glory, though we plan to spend most of the winter up to Targhee, season passes. That is where you will find us!I hope to see some of you up there. Anyone? Bueller?

  4. >Boot pack(s) of sorts, many different ways to head up. Not so deep that you have to have snowshoes, but they might be handy in places.Hope to get up there again this weekend….more snow on the way.

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