>Day Dreamin’


I’m not a great skier. I can slide down the mountain with slick fat sticks on my feet; slowly compared to most, but I CAN slide down the mountain!
The ever growing list of places and lines i want to ski continues to create some excitement for exploration. Maps. Photos. Satellite images. They are all part of the game. And today, the image below is definitely part of my A game!
Maybe some day I’ll be good enough to ski lines like this with all of the safety and control needed to do it right.
-Dean Lords

8 responses to “>Day Dreamin’

  1. >Wes -I like watching Steve Romeo and his buddies skiing steep tight lines in the Tetons. Their percision and controled (often times slow) movement is a stark contrast from the high energy slick modern day whirly bird laiden ski flims. Maybe some day i'll ski with that much control in steep terrain and can then join you for some Mt Church descents. How does next week sound…lol!Turbo -As usual, photos often don't do justice to the subject. Those two lines are more than a mile away from where the photo was taken. Combine that with over 3,ooo vertical feet of couloir and you may deduce it is more like a ski length and a half wide! J/K, i think those lines are suitable for your skis! Also, the strait on view makes them look more steep than they are. In actuality, they are much wider and less steep than they appear to be in the picture. What you don't see is the large pitch of WI3 below where the two couloir join!All in a good days dream!

  2. >Turbo- SE side looks like the safest bet, steep but wide open and probably the best runout. long approach tho! Dean- Slow and steady wins the day! Steve and his crew make my turns look like Frankenstein on skates. Sorry, I'm busy holding the couch down next week. I was thinking about a shot in April. : )

  3. >Deano, you still haven't divulged the location. It really does look steep and narrow. WI3 on skis, that sounds exciting, not!Wes, we have hiked Church in snowy conditions climbing from the SW. How do you approach for the SE? I think the bowl between Church and Donaldson would be a cool ski.

  4. >Oh, sorry Rick. This line is located on the southwest side of Kelly Mountain. I think we could ski the line, rap the ice pitch and then continue down to South Park for a session on Warcraft!How does that sound?

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